Urban Garden Designer

Creating an urban garden

Here at Matt Haddon Gardens, we thrive on the chance to bring biodiversity to any outdoor space. There has been a shift in perceptions over the past decade towards urban gardening, as city-dwellers become more inclined to embrace nature within the urban environment. There has also been much focus recently on both the positive environmental impact and mental wellbeing aspect of modern gardening to offset the strains of city living.

What is an urban garden?

An urban garden is typically a small space nestled within a town or city. It can be a small patch of ground considered a traditional garden, or it can be a rooftop or balcony space that has been transformed to accommodate an abundance of life.

The vast difference with urban gardens is that they generally utilise different creative forms of containers, rather than traditional ground cultivation associated with gardening. But that is entirely dependent on the space available.

Why create an urban garden?

The benefits of bringing nature to an urban setting far outweigh any negatives. Plant life attracts pollinators, such as bees, and offers safe spaces for birds to eat, rest and nest. It encourages biodiversity. Urban gardens can also help to clean the air and reduce pollution.

Not to mention, creating and caring for an urban garden significantly improves mental health and helps to reduce stress. The benefits list goes on.

Designing an urban garden 

Start by taking stock of the space you have available, viewing it from your home. This will help you visualise how you are able to disrupt the view beyond. If you are lucky to have a magnificent city view, you will likely want to frame the view rather than completely obstruct it. If the view beyond is less inspiring or you are overlooked, you may wish to find creative ways of distracting the eye within your space and creating privacy.

Note the trajectory of sunlight within your space, as this will dictate the types of plants suitable.

It is also important to note your objectives – why do you want an urban garden? How will it fit with your lifestyle? Do you want to create a space to enjoy and entertain? Or are you wanting to grow food? You must prioritise the aspect most important to you before you begin.

Don’t be limited by the ground space 

If you are working with a small ground area, there is always scope to add height. Think about utilising wall space to create a ‘living wall,’ plus other means of planting such as hanging baskets and window boxes. By layering your planting upwards, you can create a luscious space that positively engulfs you – while offering a haven for urban wildlife and extra privacy.

Clever design will go a long way

When working with small spaces, professional garden design can pay dividends in the long term. Matt Haddon Gardens can work with you to unearth your objectives and understand your needs for an urban garden. Our expert eye will find ways of turning a seemingly limited space into a biodiverse haven that you can enjoy all year round.

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