Design in a day


We can spend a day working in your garden. The results could help your budget stretch further, identify potential issues and ensure the end result is even better than you imagined.


In preparation for the day we will need you to complete a short questionnaire and provide photographs of your garden. Matt will then call you for a pre-meeting review to discuss your garden design and your wishes in a little more detail.


Talk to us about your plans on 07595 421910, or e-mail

Design in a day cost

£600+VAT - For gardens involving a round-trip of 150 miles or more, travel expenses are an additional charge (at cost and agreed in advance)

Included on the day is:

  • A walk around your garden to assess your wants and needs. We look at the opportunities (or limitations) that are available. We can even do a virtual walkthrough via Skype or FaceTime.
  • An expert assessment of the feasibility of any plans you already have.
  • A sketch plan of your garden design, annotated with important comments and notes to a level of detail which will depend upon the complexity and scale of your garden. This will be built up with Matt over the course of the day from sketches of initial ideas to a final version.

  • An outline estimate of costs to build your garden for budgeting purposes. Exact costs are not possible without an accurate survey and fully detailed construction plans.
  • As the day progresses, Matt will discuss everything that is relevant to the development and implementation of your garden design. This might include planning matters, selection of hard landscape materials and your choice and layout of plants. Suitable construction techniques and potential contractors will also be included.