How to budget for garden design


The most frequent question we get asked is “what should I budget for my new garden?”


There are a couple of rules of thumb when looking at initial costings and budgeting for your new garden. These are:


  • Budget at least £50 per square metre when your garden design involves planting (with very little or no building work)
  • Budget from £140 per square metre if you are using built elements such as paving


If your budget is low then our advice would be to develop a simple idea favouring plants over built elements, using their colour and foliage texture to help transform the feeling in your garden.


A larger budget enables you to incorporate more built elements into your garden design. Extended patios and new fencing, large terraces or outdoor kitchens can essentially create new areas to make your garden more enjoyable.


Garden design on a £10,000 – £15,000 budget


Asking your garden designer for an hour or two of consultation can add real value by ensuring you get more garden design for your money. This still leaves a sizeable sum to make key, meaningful changes that will have a real impact on how you use your garden.


£15,000 to £25,000 budget


A professional garden designer will help you get the most value for your money. A full garden design will provide a blueprint for developing your garden in the most sensible way, realising your garden’s full potential, and avoiding any pitfalls.


As a practical example, with £15,000 you should be able to buy two weeks or so of skilled labour and should expect to be able to purchase at least £5,000 of materials.


Landscaping and garden design on a £25,000+ budget


Larger budgets enable your garden designer to work alongside a professional landscape contractor to ensure your finished garden is completed to the highest standard with a range of features included.


The overall cost depends upon the size of your garden and the scale of the vision for its transformation. This is why a garden designer is so crucial on major projects – in helping to envision what is possible and then in working to deliver that as smoothly as possible.


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