How much does a garden design cost?


Planning and budgeting for your new garden design? Think of it as you might a new car or kitchen…


Every garden is unique, with its own complexities and idiosyncrasies. Every garden owner is different too, and your preferences for your garden will never be quite the same as anyone else’s. There is, then, no simple ‘one size fits all’ price table for garden design, but the following may help you to understand the costs involved.




As for any other consultant (for example an architect, surveyor,or engineer) employing a professional garden designer is really about tapping into their knowledge and experience to ensure that you can have what you want (and hopefully something that little bit more). Although many garden designers are doing a job they love, they will still need to be paid a fair rate for the hours invested and the costs they incur.




On a “normal” garden design job there are travel costs to and from your garden, printing costs for the plans, as well as the hours spent surveying your garden, drawing up the survey, generating ideas, producing initial designs, working out the technical details for the features you want (how will that water feature work, for example), choosing the right plants… and the list goes on.




Think of the costs of re-designing your garden, and turning that design into reality, in terms of the costs of a new car, or a new kitchen. The amount you pay for garden design really depends on how many features you want, how large it needs to be, the materials involved and so forth.


Similarly, think of the end result when justifying that cost. Like a new car or kitchen, your garden design will provide new levels of freedom, relaxation, enjoyment and fulfilment. What value would you place on that?


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