Preparing to meet your professional garden designer


Before you speak to a professional garden designer consider these key questions. The answers will help make the initial meeting as productive as possible.


What is your budget?

This is crucial in allowing your garden designer to understand what it will be possible to design. You can also read our useful guide on budgeting for a new garden.


What are your timescales?

The timescales for garden design and landscaping can often be longer than you might initially think, as planting and building can both be at the mercy of the weather. Be as flexible as you can with your timescales and start planning early.


What do you want to do in your garden?

Relaxing? Entertaining? A place for quiet contemplation, kitchen gardening,or attracting wildlife? How you plan to use your garden will, naturally, have a huge impact on your garden design.


How much gardening would you like to do in your finished garden?

Low maintenance gardens are one of our most frequent requests, but keen gardeners are just as likely to choose a professional garden design service to provide fresh perspectives and a head start with larger landscapingprojects.


What garden structures do you need?

Is there a shed, greenhouse, washing line or similar that we need to incorporate within your garden design?


In addition, consider:


  • Which views out of your garden do you want to keep, and which ones would you like to screen?
  • What plants do you like – and are there any you dislike?
  • What hard landscaping (decking, paving, gravel etc.) do you like or dislike?


Finally, images of gardens or planting you like, taken from magazines or the internet, can be a huge help in enabling your garden designer to understand how you want your finished garden to look.


Get in touch to discuss any more questions or ideas.