Why use a professional garden designer?


By the time we meet most of our clients face to face they will have already made the decision to use a professional garden designer. It’s much earlier in the decision-making process (possibly when reading this) that they will be weighing up the pros and cons of asking for help or going it alone.


So, here is why you should choose to work with a professional garden designer.


Seeing possibilities; saving money

An experienced garden designer can help you maximise the potential of your outdoor space. They know what is and isn’t possible, making sure you don’t spend money on the wrong thing, or settle for things that could have been better.


Anticipating issues before they become problems

Working with a professional garden designer brings peace of mind. Transforming your garden can be a big project. Experience means we can anticipate many of the things that can derail projects and devour budgets – and plan accordingly.


Making your money stretch further

You don’t need the biggest budget to benefit from the advice a garden designer can give. If your budget is below £20,000 a full design service may not be the most effective use of your money. But we can still give you advice, guidance and the benefit of our experience, so you make the most of the budget you have.


A garden you love

Garden designers make transforming your garden simpler. All you need to do is choose the right one for you – someone you can work with, who you can trust and who shares the same vision for your garden as you do.


Get in touch to discuss any more questions or ideas.