purple flowers

What to do in the garden in June

Past experience suggests that you need to make the most of the first part of June – because once we head to Wimbledon fortnight then there will be rain (although this year will of course be a little different!).

Luckily there’s not much to do in June – in the garden at least – for the occasional gardener. New ornamental planting should have been finished in the spring and, as any new planting would take a disproportionate amount of time to care for (needing watering through the summer because they won’t have had time to develop their root systems fully), June is instead the month to decide what to put where in September or October once all of the summer-time relaxing is out of the way.

If you have any spring flowering shrubs then June is a good time to prune them to size. The logic with pruning any flowering shrubs is to wait until just after their flowers fade and then prune them to shape – but be aware that pruning anything else at the same time might result in another 12 months to wait before it flowers as expected if you cut off the buds that are forming! 

Also, there will always be the occasional stray weed to pull – much better than wrecking the garden ecosystem with herbicides or pesticides. Also, I’m always very cautious removing plants that don’t appear to be doing anything this year – as you’ll be amazed at how often they bounce back (as proved to me just yesterday with a pair of Gaura I thought I had lost in the wet winter).

My final word? Now is the best time to get into the barbecue habit (or at least eating outside if you can’t get a barbecue to heat up properly); get into the garden in the evening and enjoy being outside because if you don’t you’ll blink and it will be November! If Lockdown eases as planned, then larger family barbecues will be more popular than ever so plan ahead.

I hope you have a great month and that the weather is with us all.