leaf with sunshine and blue sky

What to do in your garden in August

August is the month of peak enjoyment for most people in their garden. It is the best time to assess whether your patio is large enough, if the evenings could be improved by a firepit somewhere, if the tired barbecue could be replaced by an outdoor kitchen, and whether there is a spot that gets the last of the sunshine where you could site a bench.

Whilst doing this you might also spare a thought for any plants that are looking a little wilted. Wilting is a plant’s natural reaction to a lack of water and if caught soon enough is quickly rectified with a watering can. If you leave it too long, or forget, then if a plant reaches its permanent wilting point its foliage wont perk back up and it will die. 

Notice that I referred to a watering can and not a hose. Although it’s sometime hard to believe when it seems to have rained every day for months over the autumn and winter, water is a precious resource and blanket spraying with a hose is not always needed, or environmentally responsible. One of the things I try to consider when creating a new planting is matching the plant to its soil and position. By doing this the planting scheme can usually withstand all but the hottest of summers and the plants need less care. Indeed, this is why planting design is such a complicated task.

Also, by using a watering can where needed, you can target the plants that need water, avoid watering the foliage (which can cause mildew or scorch problems at worst or simply prevent water from reaching the roots at best), you can get a little exercise, and you can also use the harvested rainwater from the butt that you installed (or will install) against one of the downpipes from your roof. On that note of eco-responsibility, I’ll sign off so you can enjoy the last of the summer!