July pond lily

What to do in your garden in July

July is the month people tend to neglect the gardening in favour of holidays and socialising. Luckily if the structure of your garden has been designed properly (or properly and professionally) then July is a month which should be forgiving of a lack of time (although the lawn will keep growing if you leave it).

If you have time, deadheading the perennials in your garden will encourage a second (third, or fourth) flush of flowers and extend the period when the colour of the flowers adds that little something to your outdoor space. Of course, you don’t have to dead-head (usually just nipping the spent flowers off behind where the bud formed). Indeed, some plants give a fantastic late summer or even winter silhouette of their dried flower heads (think the moody shots of New Perennial plantings in the frost).

The only other job I find requires regular attention (in those years where there is no deluge through July) is to top up ponds and water features. This is good for wildlife or, in the case of sealed water features, good for the pump to ensure the reservoir doesn’t run dry. Perhaps next time you could have an automated top up of your water feature, so this becomes a job that you no longer need to do?

Anyway, with that said, I’m going back to the garden to enjoy a little peace.