apple core with brown leaves on grass

What to do in your garden in November

November comes with longer nights and shorter days but there is still a quality to the light which creates an ethereal quality to a garden at sunset. With the last few flowers hanging on in the hope of pollination the garden is tempting you back to see its final hurrah. So don’t forget to pop on a coat and wander around when the sun appears.

A little tidying here and there (but not too much – as I said last month) is probably needed and cleaning walkways if they are becoming slippery is important – so that you wont lose your footing when walking across the garden in the dark. 

However, your garden is starting to go into hibernation. The leaves of deciduous plants have captured their chlorophyll before leaves senesce and fall, leaving berries and fruits for you to appreciate – be they rosehips (such as the hips of Rosa moyesii), sloes, or amelanchier berries. However you may find no berries and this will likely be because the blackbirds have been grabbing them for weeks.

So this November spare a thought for the birds that inhabit your garden. Some will scavenge among the uncleared leaf litter for invertebrates while others can be attracted in with bird seed. Hang some bird feeders and spend hours watching the song birds that will arrive (as well as the occasional acrobatic squirrel and wood pigeons barging the feeders to knock seeds to the floor).

If you encourage the birds in now they may well return the favour and return in spring to devour the invertebrates that would otherwise nibble at your plants.